Weird dreams from last night

I really overdid it over the weekend. I was awake for about 72 hours. When I got home I tried to continue to stay awake and at some point I collapsed on the couch and slept. I must have woken up several times because I see social media posts from myself, but I don’t remember posting them. I do remember that I spent most of the day sleeping on my back with my laptop on my belly and I remember typing things and talking to people intermittently. Then at some point I climbed into bed because I woke up this morning in bed. I think it was around the time I woke up and saw it was 9:48PM. I also remember taking out my contact lenses because I hadn’t taken them out in a couple of days and my eyes were burning and itchy.

Weird dream 1:

I was touring a mining facility and discovered that it was a cover for a facility that provided cash in the form of US dollars to foreign insurgency groups. I stole a shrink wrapped packet of $100 bills and unwrapped it, stuffing the rubber banded bunches of bills into my shorts to hide them. I was concerned that I’d be found out on the way out of the mine and I was preoccupied with how I was going to launder the money since the bills’ serial numbers were sequential.

Weird dream 2:

I was the target of an Anonymous operation. They sent nonsensical complaints to my employer, various service providers and mucks and IRC networks I use. I was unable to handle all of the negative input from the complaint recipients and had an emotional breakdown.

Weird dream 3:

I received a bunch of packages at work; so many that they covered up all the desk and table space in my work area.

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  1. Sleep depravation can lead to some.interesting. effects. So can sleeping pills. I have a hilarious transcript of a chat session with my friend after I took Ambient.

    I guess new admonition would be “Do not do sleep social networking “.lol

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