Everybody knows that smokin aint allowed in school

Nobody tells you when you’re a kid that when you reach age 30 your friends and family start dying; that the older you get the more often it happens until it’s your turn. I remember a long time friend of mine when I was in my 20s telling me at least once every six months about another friend or family member of his who had died. He was in his 50s then. Now that I’m over 30 I see it too. Mostly male friends and mostly from heart conditions and cancer. Because of the age I grew up in, a lot of them are dying from complications related to smoking. My father has serious lung problems that require him to use an oxygen tank because he smoked until he was in his 40s, till one day his doctor told him if he didn’t quit it was going to kill him and soon. That day he quit smoking. He never lit another cigarette after that. But it was too late for him. Once smoking was no longer cool and commonplace it was too late for people who were adults when I was a kid because the damage had already been done for all of them. Everyone in my family smoked, and because of that, I wonder if I’ll be one of the guys people hear about.