Getting the Move Done

Yet another move to yet another home.

The apartment complex I was living in raised the rent I could barely afford to where I couldn’t afford it, so I had to move. Fortunately I knew this was coming and had time to prepare.

I had a friend who I thought had agreed to move into a place with me at the end of my lease, but he changed his mind and decided to get a place with one of his co-workers four weeks before the end of my lease. As a result, there was a period of a few days where I thought I might end up sleeping in my car for while searching for a new home. Fortunately my friends helped me out to find a roommate, especially Fluffy who helped me to overcome my social anxiety and ask around at Wicked Chicken. Thanks to his help I’ve moved in with my friend Ed, who is a really nice guy. The rent costs a lot less, so I have a little more money to spend each month and I don’t have to worry so much about living hand to mouth.

Moving into my former apartment was a mistake. I had a friend move in with me who claimed they would help to pay rent with their private business, but unfortunately they turned out to not be able to handle the responsibility and moved out. I had to handle all the rent and bills myself. I was pretty much homeless camping inside the apartment. After my bills were paid each month I had less than $300 left. That money had to pay for groceries, social calls, entertainment, medical bills and everything else. So if I had a medical bill any given month, there was no money left and I had to eat beans and rice or sell something to get money for groceries. So moving into the new place has been very liberating; a big stress reduction.

Ed and I and toward the end, Fluffy, we were able to get the room I’m moving into cleared out. It had been full of old food and mostly usable but unneeded items that my roommate Ed had been collecting. Ed is a self-labelled, recovering compulsive hoarder and he’s doing a good job of recovering. Both Fluffy and I could tell that the letting go process while cleaning out the room was very stressful, but he pushed through and got it done. We’re reducing the clutter in other areas of the apartment over time. This weekend we’re taking the last of the food items to the donation center, then we’ll work on straightening up the living room so I can set up my TV. My TV is a HD flatscreen which can replace Ed’s failing CRT television, and also allow us to use a Chromecast and media center PC to reduce dependency on cable TV, and maybe allow Ed to cancel his TV service and save a lot of money.

I have moved everything out of the old apartment except for the stuff in the freezer and fridge. I’m planning to get some of that stuff today and throw the rest out. As I expected Ed had a hard time making space in his fridge for me to put food, so I purchased a half-size fridge which I have in my room along with my small chest freezer which I brought from the old apartment. The trouble I have now is that I have to condense all my stuff from a large studio apartment with two big closets down to a single room that is half the size of the former studio. Things are kind of crammed in at the moment. It’s not so bad that I can’t move around, but it’s very cluttered. This is one of those things, along with de-cluttering the rest of the apartment, that will happen over time. The urgency of getting the apartment is cleared, so now I can focus on homemaking.