SidAmp bursts into flames

Aparently asking for HVSC info on any SID tune is a critical faux pas. I’ve tried getting info (Alt+3) on several different SID’s with version 1.34 and version 1.4 Beta of SidAmp only to have my PC burst into flames. Well, not literally, but you’d think so. I get a bluescreen followed by another bluescreen, then another, then a kernal fault, then the system hangs. I didn’t think reading comments from a file was really that much of an intensive task, but I guess I was wrong. I looked over your website for some info on how to correct this issue but there doesn’t apear to be any doc on the ‘feature.’ I suppose the only logical work-around is to not try looking up info on any sids?

Recently, my PC has been doing this weird thing. The desktop will stop updating background applications and allow only the foreground application to do anything for like, thirty seconds, then it will go back to normal. Everything in the background freezes and if I move the foremost window I get ghosts of that window all over the desktop. Then when I try to create or delete a file, it does it again. What the hell is going on??

Reality Hacking

Recently I’ve become involved in a study on culture that some call “Reality Hacking.” Others call it “Culture Jamming.” Whatever you call it, it is a strange and intriguing world. I’ve met some individules who have opened my mind to information and ideas that I didn’t think or know existed. Things keep getting stranger as I get more deeply involved in the investigation of these ideas. Stay tuned.