Yeah, that’s pretty fast, Bob.

[23:18:02] ~FoxMajik/ I think I’m going to need a stripe set to use Winamp and rip newsgroups at the same time while moving files. [23:21:21] * Brimstone nods. “Or run a real OS…” [23:21:41] * Brimstone shrugs and pets your head. “I’ll see you about fox… Have fun.” [23:21:50] ~FoxMajik/ Ohkay… [23:22:10] ~Brimstone/ (It’s fun […]

The air is very wet here

[15.03.36] ~FoxMajik/ In Oklahoma, the air always smelled wet before a rain. [15.03.43] ~FoxMajik/ It’s unusual here because it rains so much. [15.05.54] ~FoxMajik/ Also, you’ll find that if you binhex that statement, then convert it to binary and divide the result by the sum of the digits, you’ll get the number ’42.’ [15.09.09] * […]

~Majik/ The trouble with ANSI in windows is that Windows doesn’t support extended ASCII characters, so unless the person who codes the software realizes that and does some actual work to make it functional, all those nifty lines and graphics in terminal windows come out as random strings of lines and numbers.

SidAmp bursts into flames

Aparently asking for HVSC info on any SID tune is a critical faux pas. I’ve tried getting info (Alt+3) on several different SID’s with version 1.34 and version 1.4 Beta of SidAmp only to have my PC burst into flames. Well, not literally, but you’d think so. I get a bluescreen followed by another bluescreen, […]