I tried to swallow a little food with my scheduled dose of pain medication but it came right back up followed by five minutes of dry heaving. Hopefully the pain medication will help a little bit with the migraine headache too and I’ll be able to keep some food in my stomach.

Migraine time! Which is perfect, because I was just lying here thinking, what would happen if I thought there’s no way I could possibly be more miserable. Well, now I know. Let’s add stabbing head pain and waves of nausea that don’t respond to any kind of medication.

Took medication, went to sleep for 8 hours. Woke up, took more medication and had some food. I barely kept it down. I thought for a few minutes I was going to throw up. After giving my stomach some time to calm down, I had an aromatherapy bath to help me relax.

Tried to stop taking Percocet without help. Big mistake. Dizziness, nausea, headaches, hot and cold sweats. Talked to my roommate who has been through this before. He suggests resuming regular dosage until I see the pain specialist on Monday. So I’m going to do that for now.

I just had a shower for the first time in a month. This is me figuring out how to get into the shower with the leg brace on.