So I sent someone out with my car to drive it around because it’s been sitting for a couple of months now. They get a block away and it goes into limp mode.

And I’m like FUUUUUCK. Go ahead and bring it back. This shit only happens when it’s the most inconvenient. They bring it back and I’m like it’s probably low battery voltage. So I turn off the AC and the infotainment and let it run for about 20 minutes and the CEL goes off and it switches out of limp mode. Crisis averted.

I think I’m on day 3 of this migraine but I’m not sure. I think I ate a banana yesterday morning. It’s Saturday at 9PM.

Went to a pool party with my roommate. It was nice to get out and see people. It was really hot out in the sun. I spent most of the time watching chubby dudes grind on each other.

I tried to swallow a little food with my scheduled dose of pain medication but it came right back up followed by five minutes of dry heaving. Hopefully the pain medication will help a little bit with the migraine headache too and I’ll be able to keep some food in my stomach.

Migraine time! Which is perfect, because I was just lying here thinking, what would happen if I thought there’s no way I could possibly be more miserable. Well, now I know. Let’s add stabbing head pain and waves of nausea that don’t respond to any kind of medication.