Another day of social distancing. I’m in a meeting this morning for work. The meeting starts an hour before my shift starts, but one of my managers who hosts the meeting requires me to be in it. This creates a number of questions in my head. I’m sure he knows that my shift starts an hour after the meeting starts, so I’m not sure why he’s requiring me in the meeting without also changing my schedule. He doesn’t even work at the same site I do; and 90% of the things they talk about in the meeting have nothing to do with me; the items that do concern me could easily be sent to me via email. I’m kind of torn between “the manager wants to ensure I feel like a part of the team” and “the manager wants to schedule meetings so he can show he’s valuable when everyone but me on his team is working from home.” And the meetings are not consistent. They’re scheduled for twice a week but often he cancels them at random times before the meeting, sometimes as close as five minutes before the meeting, or just doesn’t show up. Am I supposed to just work an hour for free every time he wants to have the meeting? Or do I change my schedule not officially but actually? Should I get up an hour earlier and just go home an hour earlier every day? Or just on the days he wants the meeting? I really prefer to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, but part of the reason I selected the 9 to 6 shift is because I don’t like getting up early. And when I say “I don’t like getting up early” I mean that I hate getting up early. I don’t hate getting up early enough that I’d sacrifice my job for it. I’m getting the feeling this is one of those situations where I’m expected to suffer undue stress on my own part as a way of saying I’m willing to go the extra mile “for the team.”

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