Me at 2:30a this morning: My leg decides to start the day early by waking me up throbbing with pain. I decide to take medication and get something to eat. I am sitting on my bed trying to calculate the most efficient way to get the cereal that is on top of my refrigerator into the bowl that is on the table next to my bed and then get the milk that is inside the fridge into the bowl with the cereal. In order to understand why this is such a difficult equation you have to remember that I can’t both walk and carry things at the same time because I have to be able to operate the crutches while I walk and that requires both hands. I can carry the bowl because it has a handle on it but once it has cereal and milk in it I can’t carry it because it will be at an angle and the milk will spill out onto the floor. I can’t carry the milk to the cereal because I have to have both hands on the crutches and the milk carton is too large for me to get my hand around while still working the crutches. Eventually I figured out that by reducing the length of my stride I can reduce the tipping angle of the cup clutched to the side of the crutch just enough so the milk doesn’t spill. Then I can slowly hobble back to my bed with it.