Yeah, that’s pretty fast, Bob.

[23:18:02] ~FoxMajik/ I think I’m going to need a stripe set to use Winamp and rip newsgroups at the same time while moving files.

[23:21:21] * Brimstone nods. “Or run a real OS…”
[23:21:41] * Brimstone shrugs and pets your head. “I’ll see you about fox… Have fun.”
[23:21:50] ~FoxMajik/ Ohkay…

[23:22:10] ~Brimstone/ (It’s fun watching RipperX under Linux rip CD’s in multiple threads…)
[23:23:18] ~FoxMajik/ The things those kids come up with.

[23:25:03] ~Brimstone/ It rips with one thread and encodes with another. Doesn’t cause problems under Linux and ripping is all CD I/O whereas compression is purely CPU, so it’s acutally faster.)
[23:25:08] * Brimstone hops off.

Faster than..?