The air is very wet here

[15.03.36] ~FoxMajik/ In Oklahoma, the air always smelled wet before a rain.
[15.03.43] ~FoxMajik/ It’s unusual here because it rains so much.
[15.05.54] ~FoxMajik/ Also, you’ll find that if you binhex that statement, then convert it to binary and divide the result by the sum of the digits, you’ll get the number ’42.’
[15.09.09] * x nods. “Sure… ”
[15.09.12] * x chuckles.
[15.09.52] ~FoxMajik/ Don’t believe me? Try it.
[15.10.30] ~x/ Don’t have a binhex converter handy.
[15.27.46] ~FoxMajik/ We search new programs for your pleasure.
[15.28.01] ~FoxMajik/ You can use perl to binhex.
[15.28.16] ~x/ Not really interisted in doing so.
[15.28.34] ~FoxMajik/ fyi
[15.28.45] ~FoxMajik/ You could even use grep to binhex.
[15.28.53] ~FoxMajik/ Binhexing can be very erotic.