I ordered my first set of planar magnetic headphones a couple of days ago as a black friday deal on Amazon, and got them for less than half off their regular price. They’re light membrane headphones sufficient for use without an amplifier, although I’ll get more out of them with the new DAP that’s coming […]

My friend Fluffy has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure I can get out of the house since I’ve been injured. He has come by at least once a week to get me out of the house to socialize at local furmeets and casual gatherings, dinner parties, etc. Yesterday he invited […]

Things are a bit up in the air at the moment. I reported to the doctor that I had pain in my hip since I began bearing weight on my left leg. He did an X-ray and said that he thought it might be caused by early stage arthritis, despite no history of arthritis in […]

I am gradually getting back into my daily routine so I’ll be ready when I’m able to walk fully and can go back to work. Moving my sleeping schedule back so I’m going to bed and getting up earlier. Doing all my morning chores like scrubbing and moisturizing my face, brushing and flossing. The older […]

Update on my leg: Yesterday I was able to get in my car (manual transmission) and drive around the block for the first time since June 12th. It was a risk as I haven’t got the OK from my doctor to drive yet, but I figured since I’ve been using the exercise bike twice a […]