Majik Bear

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am looking for full time work in the SF Bay Area.

I have diverse experience in IT helpdesk, customer support and training and documentation.

I am familiar with and can work handily in every operating system under the sun from Windows to Mac to Linux, Unix and even AS/400.

I am just as handy with a Bash prompt as I am with a Windows command prompt.

While I do not write code, I am familiar with most languages and comfortable with Git, compiling code, managing software using various package managers (or manually) and other code management and system maintenance and code wrangling functions.

I know how to fix most common Windows and Microsoft Office problems, and if I don’t already know how to fix something I can find an answer on Google in a few seconds.

I have a Macbook Pro and I am familiar with troubleshooting Mac OS X, installing software and managing system parameters using a command prompt.

Pro tip: Got a laptop that has a flickery external display or one monitor isn’t working? Just pull it off the dock and stick it back on. It’s often that easy!

I am seeking work in IT helpdesk or a related field. I am considering full time positions with benefits at this time.

To view my resume please visit:

For a PDF or other format copy, or to contact me for any reason please email:myemail

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