I ordered my first set of planar magnetic headphones a couple of days ago as a black friday deal on Amazon, and got them for less than half off their regular price. They’re light membrane headphones sufficient for use without an amplifier, although I’ll get more out of them with the new DAP that’s coming soon, as it has a balanced output with greater load capacity. They also need to break in for about 150 hours to reach their full membrane motility. I’ve been listening to my favorite audiophile albums on them through my Fiio M6 DAP while waiting for the new M11 that was gifted me to arrive.

I also got a special 4.4mm balanced cable to match the balanced output on the M11, so I’ll have full drive capacity, as well as independent power rails and output stages for each channel.

There are numerous improvements to the M11 over the M6: It has a much better display that is 5.5″ vs. the 3.5″ display on the M6. It’s also a less simplified build of Android, and doesn’t have the whitelist requirement for third party apps, so I can sideload any apps I like. This means I’ll be able to use Radio Paradise’s free lossless streaming service.

When paired with the all-through-DSD setting on the M11, I can get lossless master quality audio input from Radio Paradise with bit-to-bit from the output stage of the DSP to the analog stage, with unmeasurable/negligible jitter.

There’s also a new hardware control surface setup on the M11 that includes the metal volume knob that I miss from the Oknyo DPS-3, and volume control is at the amplifier stage. Track controls are now independent from the volume control, which is a big improvement — the M6’s combination volume/track control made adjusting the volume clunky. The power button is still on the top right though, which I feel is a good place for it.

Of course in addition to the 2.5mm, 4.4mm and 3.5mm outputs, the M11 supports LDAC for lossless wireless audio transmission to Sony headphones. So I can still use my WH-1000XM3 with full LDAC support (hopefully they’ll have fixed the audio drop-outs that were present in the M6 when using LDAC in Quality mode). And I can also use my casual listening/walking Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones via the 3.5mm output, as well as the Hifiman HE400i’s via the 4.4mm balanced output.

Although I’m quite fond of the M6 for its simplicity, I’ll probably replace it fully with the M11.

My friend Fluffy has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure I can get out of the house since I’ve been injured. He has come by at least once a week to get me out of the house to socialize at local furmeets and casual gatherings, dinner parties, etc.

Yesterday he invited me to have thanksgiving dinner with his family. It was a good time, and I got to know some of his relatives. His father and I discussed our favorite books, and he invited me to come by tomorrow before the weekly potluck to have a look at his books, and to select a few to take and enjoy.

The food was delicious, all prepared from scratch, all by hand by members of Fluffy’s family. Neither of us over-ate, but we did have a very satisfying meal. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Then there was this amazing yam mash with oatmeal cookie topping, followed by cheesecake, and there was coffee but I didn’t have any of that.

There was a lot of meet and greet and heavy socializing, and heavy food, and we were both exhausted at the end. Fluffy dropped me off at home, and I went to bed for a nap. I started to have a migraine then, but slept it off. I got up around 11 and did some admin duties in the various discord servers where I have those roles, and on Telegram, and did some engagement activities. Then I went to bed, but I couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up around 5am and took a sleep aid, then slept till noon.

Things are a bit up in the air at the moment. I reported to the doctor that I had pain in my hip since I began bearing weight on my left leg. He did an X-ray and said that he thought it might be caused by early stage arthritis, despite no history of arthritis in my family. I called bullshit and he had me go for an MRI. Then he told me I probably have a stress fracture in my hip and that I should get back on the crutches. He said he’d consult with a radiologist and call me to follow up. This was two weeks ago, and my disability period ends again tomorrow. No call back so far. I called and left a message for the doctor’s assistant. This will be the 6th time I’ve had to beg them to take action to prevent my being fired from work. Also, as I’ve had no pain in my hip since my last doctor visit, I’ve started walking normally without the crutches. I don’t think the ortho doctor knows what he’s talking about. I think he’s backpedaling because he doesn’t know what’s going on. I think the pain I was experiencing was just caused by sore soft tissue; because I can walk completely normally now with no pain at all, and have been able to for a week now.

I am gradually getting back into my daily routine so I’ll be ready when I’m able to walk fully and can go back to work. Moving my sleeping schedule back so I’m going to bed and getting up earlier. Doing all my morning chores like scrubbing and moisturizing my face, brushing and flossing. The older I get the harder it is to change my daily routine.

Update on my leg: Yesterday I was able to get in my car (manual transmission) and drive around the block for the first time since June 12th. It was a risk as I haven’t got the OK from my doctor to drive yet, but I figured since I’ve been using the exercise bike twice a week for a month or so now, I probably could work the clutch. I didn’t feel any pain in my leg while driving. Later I was a bit sore, but I suspect that’s because I was using muscles that hadn’t gotten any use in a long time. My extensor muscles in my ankle are particularly week. And pressure on the bottom of my foot was uncomfortable. However, finally getting to drive a little after being cut off for several months was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.